Benefits For Businesses And Employees

Looking for a way to reward your employees without affecting your bottom line? Consider joining PrimeWay Federal Credit Union’s Ambassador program in which, as one of our sponsor companies, you can provide cost savings to employees when they do business with PrimeWay Federal Credit Union and take advantage of our rich educational programs.

Click here to join the team of progressive organizations that already offer PrimeWay Federal Credit Union as part of their benefits package to employees.

The PrimeWay Difference

The financial benefits to employees are real: Average members save $161 every year in fees and other costs when using PrimeWay Federal Credit Union instead of other financial institutions. We provide these other valuable services to Ambassadors:

  • On-Site Visits: Our team visits your office to answer questions, provide information and enroll employees as members so they don’t have to take time out of their workday. Click here to schedule your on-site visit.
  • Financial Education Workshops: PrimeWay Federal Credit Union officials conduct multiple workshops for your employees focusing on various aspects of personal finance. Personal money problems are known to be the primary cause of stress, and these educational programs put employees more at ease to improve their productivity at work. Click here to schedule a financial education workshop for your employees.

To become a PrimeWay Federal Credit Union Ambassador and start providing more value to your company and employees, please contact our Business Development Team at (713) 799-6625 or email us here