22 Free Financial Resource Pages and Modules

Having resources and a trusted team of financial expert you can turn to, regardless as to the phase you're at in life, can make a world of difference. Below are several free resources to support you with a variety of life changes and decisions. In addition to the resources that are relevant to you, it's also suggested you consider identifying a team of financial experts--financial advisor, lender, accountant, etc.-- you can turn to for advice and guidance throughout life, if you haven't already done so.

Kids are Grown - It's Me Time - The information found here can support you in being Financially Ready after your children leave home, as well as guide you in regards to Using Your Retirement Savings

Life Threw Me a Curve Ball - Life happens. You'll find some tips here for those unexpected events, such as Divorce, Bankruptcy, and Bereavement.

I Want to Be A Millionaire - Go here for information regarding Investment Basics, Savings and Compounding, Budgeting, Financial Calculators, and Debt Reduction.

Getting Married - You don't want to enter into a marriage without being on the same page about finances. This resource provides tips on Budgeting & Planning, identifying your Money Style, Renting vs. Owning, and Wedding and Honeymoon expenses and budgeting.

Starting a Family - The decision to have children is an exciting one. Preparing financially as much as possible can help you avoid stress down the road. On this page, you'll find tips on Budgeting, Preparing for the Future, and Budgeting for College.

Family Life in the Fast Lane - In general, as we go through life, we have a lot of financial considerations when it comes to family. This page will provide tips on Saving for College, Retirement Savings, and Caring for Elder Parents.

First Time on My Own - If you have a child who's just left the nest, or if you're that individual, this page can provide guidance on starting off on the right foot with Budgeting, Money Management, and also why Renters Insurance is important.

Young Professional Getting Ahead - If you've just started your first job out of school, then this resource can guide you with tips on Budgeting, Interest and Compounding, and Smart Borrowing for your future.

Financial Calculators - Use these calculators to help you budget, save, prepare for your new home and more.

Identity Theft Protection - Identity theft isn't a small matter. Use these tips to protect you and your family.

ATM Security  - Know how you can better protect yourself from identity theft and breaches when using your neighborhood ATM.

Online Security - With the increased use of the internet comes the increase in cyber theft and breaches in online security. Equip yourself with knowledge to prevent this from happening to you.

Insurance Protection - Insurance provides protection for you and your family.

The following modules are part of PrimeWay's MoneyEd modules. Choose the topic(s) that is (are) relevant to you and read away! You can also test your knowledge with the 10 question quiz at the end of each module. These modules can also be great resources for children and teenagers.

  • Managing Your Checking Account
  • Credit Smart
  • Budgeting
  • Auto Loan Finance
  • Personal Finance for College Students
  • Money Smart Teens
  • Debt Management Options
  • Investment Basics
  • Guide to Homeownership

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