Buy THIS, Not THAT at Dollar Stores

Buy THIS, Not THAT at Dollar Stores

Buy THIS, Not THAT at Dollar StoresA savvy saver is often a savvy shopper, always looking for great deals and savings when out on the town. At the same time, being a savvy shopper doesn't mean you forgo quality. This might be why many are skeptical when they drive by a dollar store type chain, like the Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only stores. Do these types of stores offer quality products, and is everything really only one dollar or less?


Well, many believe these stores do offer quality products, and after doing our research, everything at the Dollar Tree is one dollar or less, and 99 percent of what you purchase at the 99 Cents Only store costs just 99 cents. Per a post on WGNTVTop 10 things You Should Really Start Buying at Dollar Stores, the following are the top 10 things you should buy at dollar stores like these:


1. Greeting cards
2. Gift bags
3. Seasonal decor
4. Reading glasses
5. Hair Accessories
6. Pregnancy tests
7. Vases/decorative bowls
8. Mugs and glasses
9. Dishware
10. Storage containers


What about the items I should NOT buy at dollar stores?

While there are several items you might consider purchasing at these types of stores, there are some understandable reservations for certain scenarios, including:

  •        You might reconsider  your purchase if you're at all skeptical of the quality or value.
  •        When purchasing toys for kids, as with any situation, make sure they're safe and suitable for the age range of the child you're making the purchase for.
  •        In some situations, like when purchasing food (yes, they do sell food, and many rave about it--like avocados and mangos for 99 cents each at the 99Cents store), make sure you're truly getting a good deal based on the quantity and quality of what you're purchasing compared to other stores. 

From school supplies to grooming products to dress-up clothes for children, some dollar store chains like the ones mentioned here have a wide variety of products. Take a chance and see if some of the items at these stores will work for you and your family. If they do, you can calculate how much you're saving each month with the purchases you make when compared to where you'd normally shop. You can then put that money into a savings account or use it for your next vacation! PrimeWay has several savings plan and investment options to support you in this adventure.

Have fun, and let us know how it goes!