Celebrate today!

Celebrate July 4th without Breaking the Bank This Year

Celebrate today!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means fireworks, fun times and good food. Even better, you can have all of this without breaking the bank! Because you are buying food, drinks, decorations, fireworks and sometimes even festive clothing, this holiday can get really expensive, really fast! Consider the following ideas to keep some of money in your pocket without sacrificing the fun in your day.


  •        Host a community potluck. Celebrate the red, white and blue by hosting a potluck where the neighbors and/or friends all bring a dish. This creates a communal event without you having to fork out the cash for all the food.
  •        Create DIY festive clothes and decorations. Have fun with family and friends by creating your own festive clothing and decorations. Visit your local dollar store or craft store for ideas.
  •        Buy only what you need. Make a budget and purchase only the food and decorations you need for the event. PrimeWay’s financial calculators and planning logs can help you determine how much you can afford to spend to keep you on track with your overall financial goals.
  •        Reconsider the fireworks. I know, I know. This might sound like a downer, but it can save you a lot of money, especially if you have a larger family. At the same time, maybe you choose to skip something else so you can enjoy the fireworks, or maybe you can find a friend whose home has a good view of the fireworks, and ask if they're willing to host you at their house. Even better, look for a free fireworks show close by. If you typically purchase your own fireworks, this can add up, as well, so again, consider skipping them this year and consider the options listed above (a side benefit is not having to worry about safety issues that arise with putting off your own fireworks).
  •        Shop the clearance racks for next year. The best time to buy holiday themed clothing for next year is right after the holiday is over this year. Stores want to offload out-of-season clothing quickly by offering these items on clearance, so check out your local stores' clearance racks.
  •        Look for free activities. Do an online search on your local community or county websites to see what's going on for free. Often, you'll find free entertainment, games and more for the whole family.
  •        Organize a team sports game. Instead of fireworks, maybe host a sports game instead. Soccer, volleyball, softball or baseball could all be fun options. Rally some friends and family together, divide them into teams, and let the games begin!

Get creative and come up with your own cost-saving ways to spend the Fourth of July this year.  Have fun, and remember, safety first!