Give back

Give Back to Your Mom and Dad on National Parent’s Day July 26th

Give back

National Parent's Day is right around the corner on July 26! Many aren't even aware of this holiday, so there's a good chance your parents aren't either. What better way to surprise them than to celebrate them on this day with something fun and special?

For ideas, you could opt to take your parents out to dinner, or better yet, make them their favorite dinner. You could take them to their favorite park, or any spot they enjoy, to simply spend time with them and enjoy each others company. Or maybe take it a step further and celebrate your parents this year by giving them a gift that keeps on giving; open an investment account to help them save for the trip they always wanted or for their future retirement.

PrimeWay's investment services are available to help you determine where to invest your money, as well as how to have proper insurance protection for your family’s assets. Our investment experts are available for a consultation to help you identify the best investment and insurance route to support your parents, as well as yourself. In the meantime, you can refer to our financial calculators andinvestment basics page to help you get started.

Our mothers and fathers do a lot for us to help us succeed in this world, and it's nice to be able to repay the favor at times. And if you're a parent who's reading this, Happy Parent's Day to you, too! Maybe you can celebrate by opening up a savings account for your future retirement, as well.