Free Date Night

Have a Free Date Night Tonight

Free Date Night

Having a hard time grasping that fun and free can be a combination that works together? It's true. You can have a lot of fun creating a date with your honey that = essentially zero (or very little) money leaving your pocket. And don't think of it as being "cheap," but instead, as being creative and taking the initiative to come up with ideas to spend quality time with your significant other. Plus, you're supporting your relationship by keeping an eye on your budget and financial goals.

Some inexpensive date night ideas that are popular for many couples include the following:

  •        Create a Food Network in Your Kitchen

o   Cooking is something that will bring you closer together and not cost an arm and a leg, because you control the recipes and ingredients you purchase. Eating out can get extremely pricey, so eating in can be fun and cost saving. You might consider inviting some other couples who can join in on the fun and help split the cost.

  •        Make It a Movie Night

o   This is a classic that will never get old. Amazon, Netflix, RedBox, or OnDemand will have everything from the classics to new releases to choose from.

  •        Tour Your City

o   Spend some time reintroducing yourselves to the city you live in by visiting landmarks and checking out buildings or places you pass everyday on your commute. Do some research about the history of your city, and you might be surprised at all you have yet to see and explore.

  •        Plan a City-Wide Scavenger Hunt

o   Come up with some items that would be fun to locate throughout your city and work together to find them. This is another one that can be a lot of fun as a double-date.

Maybe try one idea a week from the list above, and add your own to list, too! For more fun tips and ideas, consider the following articles:

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