A chalkboard that says Where to Invest

How to Invest Your Money Into the Things You Care About

Looking to invest, but don't want to compromise your principles? Here are some ways you can make investment decisions that reflect your ethics and values. Corporations are not free from wrongdoing, many investors decide against supporting some companies after doing some research. Fortunately, there are several ways investors can use their money for good while also making good money. Here are two ways to identify investments that match your values.

A chalkboard that says Where to Invest
1.) Ethical ETFs

ETFs, or exchange traded funds are a kind of mutual fund people can buy and sell shares in. There are numerous ETFs, from those that focus on a specific sector to those that seek a certain level of fixed income.
There are also ethically-focused ETFs, such as Barclay's Women in Leadership fund (WIL). This fund targets companies that have a higher number of women in leadership roles.
There are other, similar funds, like those that adhere to certain religious values and exclude alcohol or tobacco companies. ETFs make it simple to invest according to your principles.
Unfortunately, these funds have trailed behind their peers in the recent market rally. Their limited exposure shields them from market declines, but also prevents them from taking full advantage of rallies.

2.) Community investment

Perhaps you're more concerned with improving your own community. The opportunity exists for you to do just that, through community investment.
As a member of PrimeWay Federal Credit Union, you make it possible for us to make loans to small businesses and individuals right here in the Houston community. Just by opening a certificate or putting a larger deposit in your share account, you enable PrimeWay to finance projects that make our community a better place. Unlike the alternatives, community investment bears little risk. You still get a return in the form of interest and the knowledge that you're investing according to your values.

What projects do you want to see funded in our community? Let us know how you think we can make the world a better place together!