How to Land the Perfect Summer Job

How to Land the Perfect Summer Job

How to Land the Perfect Summer JobYou may think this does not apply to you if you are an established professional with years at your current job. But we guarantee you, there is a least one person in your life who could use a summer job! Whether it’s a teen, retiree, regular semester teacher or just someone who wants to bring in some extra money for their big summer vacation, you know someone who could really use seasonal/ temporary employment this summer, and we want to help them so please pass this along if applicable.

First you need to know that this summer “employers are predicting an increase in total hires compared to last summer,” according to SnagAJob.  So that’s a major positive, but more opportunity almost always means more competition, so we want you to be one step of ahead of them. There are five important things you need to do to get you steps closer  landing the perfect summer job, these are conducting an effective job search, performing market research, creating a stand our resume and finally rehearsing for your interview. We know, keep reading though, it gets better.

The Job Search

Yes, we know there are many job databases and search engines to help you do this, but everyone else also knows this. And, a lot of these databases are slow to update, meaning the listed job positions are expired and the roles have been filled.  That’s why we want you to go right to the source. Pick an industry, pick a company, pick a non-profit that you wouldn’t mind working for and apply via their website. Pick an industry and visit all of the local professional organizations’ websites and look at the job listings on their pages.  For example, if you want a job in public relations, visit your local Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) chapter’s website. These organizations almost always help companies spread the word about available positions. 

Market Research

 Almost everything thing great you can possibly think of was probably the result of strenuous hours of research. Getting a summer job should be no different. Stalk the company you want to be part of; this means if they have a storefront, visit it! Find out how the employees dress, observe their attitudes and mannerisms, look for things you possibly could make better by working there. This shows initiative, and who knows, if a manager is around you could get to chat with them about available positions and the possibility of setting up an interview. Don’t forget your resume!

Your Resume

The crazy thing is most people actually sell themselves completely short on their resumes. Don’t do this. This is the time to brag, and make yourself stand out for all of the great things you have accomplished. Make sure your resume is tailored for the job (list all relevant experience and consider omitting irrelevant info), focused on your accomplishments (the employer wants to know what you did and how it positively impacted either the workplace or others), and concise( it’s okay to list volunteer roles and relevant hobbies, the keyword here is relevant though.) According to a SnagAJob survey, “The most important characteristic employers look for in a summer employee is a positive attitude (40%), followed by schedule flexibility (23%), commitment to work the whole summer (19%) and previous experience (18%).”


Think of your interview as a presentation, you are presenting yourself to the employer, so practicing this is a must. Role-play the interview process with friends or family, research the company to gain knowledge about company culture (appropriate dress, greetings, level of enthusiasm), and prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview. The interview process is all about interaction, be sure to greet the interviewer with direct eye contact, firm handshake, etc.

Happy Job Hunting, and check out the links below for more tips to help with the summer job search.

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