Labor Day Holiday Savings

Labor Day Holiday Savings

Labor Day Holiday SavingsLabor Day weekend is a huge shopping weekend! Not as big as Black Friday, but pretty close. So we want to give you a few tips to help you save while shopping the sales this holiday weekend.

Shop with a Plan

Make a budget, know exactly what you are going to buy and make a list. We don’t want you to spend a ton of money that you did not plan on spending this weekend. With your list in hand and budget on your mind, you will be more in control of your spending. You can even try the “cash envelope method,” as recommended by Dave Ramsey, to help reduce your saving even more. Get the amount of cash that you plan to spend this weekend out of your account and put it into an envelope. When the cash runs out, you stop shopping!

Timing Is Everything

Checking out the sales early is great, but you really won’t find the deals until Monday, when the promotions are ending. Retailers at this point will be most desperate to sell their merchandise! Remember, don’t pay full price for anything. You are out this weekend for the sales ONLY.

Know What to Buy

 Everything will not be on sale this weekend. Look for items like patio furniture, mattresses and summer clothing. Avoid fall/winter clothes because these items will see an even bigger price drop later in the season. You also have to be patient and hold off on buying electronics. We know, it will seem like the best price ever this weekend, but trust us you will see greater savings on Black Friday.

Check out these sites for even more shopping saving tips for this holiday weekend:

We hope you have a happy, saving- filled holiday weekend!