ACH Makes Your Payments Faster & Safer

ach-paymentsHandle your business payables efficiently with ACH payment processing from PrimeWay. It’s a secure, fast and convenient way to accept payments or to pay your vendors, employees and taxes.

  • Standard and Same-Day ACH* transactions available.
  • Pay vendors and employees — including temporary help and independent contractors — with one service.
  • Create templates to make scheduling and tracking easier to manage.
  • Make your cash management more streamlined
  • Avoid writing checks

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Features and Benefits of ACH Payments

Small and medium-sized businesses sometimes need access to financing in order to fund short-term working capital needs. A business line of credit gives you the ability to:

  • Streamlined Payment Process
    ACH streamlines the payment process by eliminating paper checks, improving efficiency and cash flow management.
  • Payments and Receivables
    Allows businesses to make and receive payments of all kinds and provides fast access to funds.
  • Reduced Fraud and Risk
    Whether it is debit or credit, ACH services can reduce your risk of fraud since a transaction towards an account cannot be issued without authorization from the recipient.
  • Create Payment Templates
    Provides control and flexibility including the ability to create templates for repetitive payments or collections.

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*Additional fee can apply for same-day ACH payments. See Fee Schedule for details.