PrimeWay Federal Credit Union is a dedicated investor in the young members of our credit union, and we provide three levels of membership to help encourage a greater understanding of financial responsibility. Parents, too, can use these tools to teach valuable lessons about money.

Financial Freedom Fighters Savings Account

This is the club for youngsters ready to have fun while learning about money. It's designed to build up savings accounts, but checking isn't available. You can check out the Financial Freedom Fighters Savings Account for special offers on certificates of deposit and more!

Student Savings

Teenagers need additional financial guidance as they often begin to work their first jobs. When members reach 13, they can open a joint Student Savings Account with a parent who qualifies.

Student Checking

College years mean more independence and greater responsibility. A Student Checking Account provides a flexible checking account option plus a credit card. Scholarships also are available from PrimeWay Federal Credit Union to Student Checking members.