Knowledge Is Power When Searching For A Home. Owning a home is a dream, a commitment and, frankly, a part of life that can become confusing at times. But it doesn’t have to be that way. PrimeWay Federal Credit Union starts you off with some information about the searching, buying and financing processes so you’re clear-headed and not overwhelmed by what you see and hear.

Can I Afford It?

Use our online calculator to determine monthly payments, the benefits of owning versus renting and whether it’s time to refinance.

Home Shopping and Buying Tip

Not sure how to go about making home-ownership a reality? Check here for some pointers.

Mortgage Options Explained

ARMs, FRMs and Jumbos…oh my! When it comes to mortgage products, you can cut to the chase of their meanings.

What To Expect Buying Your First House

Go into the process with eyes wide open and you’ll take control of the situation.