Savvy Money

Control Your Debt, Control Your Life

You’ve made some financial choices that are costing you a lot of money right now. Those credit card purchases that seemed like a good idea at the time are less attractive because it’s taken a long time to pay them off in full. Interest has accrued and maybe some late fees have been tacked on.

It’s time to rein in your credit card use so your money is building toward your future, not your past. PrimeWay Federal Credit Union offers Savvy Money, a free and anonymous service that will provide you an analysis of your financial standing and personal strategies to tackle your debt and move forward.

Reduce Your Debt

Reaching out for help with your debt is a brave move. Even after using the Savvy Money tools, there are some debt-reduction tips to consider:

  • Leave your credit card at home.
  • Direct deposit your paycheck and autopay a set amount to your credit card.
  • Celebrate your success with weekly, inexpensive rewards.

What you learn from Savvy Money can change the way you think forever. Click here to learn more.