Eliminate Stress, Maximize Benefits

What happened to the checkbook? Where’s that pen? Are there any stamps lying around? You’re frantically searching because you must get that bill in the mail today and you’re running late for work. By the way, will your bill arrive at the company in time to avoid a late payment penalty?

Relax. Log into your PrimeWay Federal Credit Union account through Online Banking and automatically send your payment at any time of the day or night.

Online banking relieves your worry, but it’s more than just convenient. It’s smart money management.

Online Payments And Credit Scores

Consider that when you’re late paying a bill, your delinquency can be a black mark on your credit score. It doesn’t matter that you simply overlooked the bill’s due date or lost track of that responsibility in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A late payment is a late payment to credit reporting agencies.

Lower Costs For Credit Union Members

You can avoid all of that by paying bills from your personal computer, setting up automated payments and scheduling future transactions.

Click on Online Banking and find out how to set up your automated payment schedules.