Just In Case 

Sometimes details fall through the cracks. It happens in life. When such an oversight involves your money, though, it can be a costly mistake leading to bounced checks or overdraft fees at other banking institutions.

But PrimeWay Federal Credit Union offers a way to help bridge the gap when you forget to record a check, ATM withdrawal, debit or ACH transaction.

Occasional Overdraft Protection

  • Established through your share account to transfer funds into checking to cover a negative balance or check written against insufficient funds
  • Members are allowed overdraft protection transfers up to six times per month for a $6 fee per transfer
  • Overdraft protection also available to members who qualify for a line of credit

Don’t let an oversight lead to expensive consequences. Contact PrimeWay Federal Credit Union about protecting your finances and credibility.

For complete details, see page 6 of our Current Membership Agreement.