Building Wealth For The Future

Welcome to the club. We all want financial stability! PrimeWay Federal Credit Union offers a lot of information that can help you prepare for the future, and ultimately be financially secure. However, everything starts with the basics. So, take control of the financial basics below, and you will be on your way!


The road to wealth requires you understand investments, their inherent risks and how your money is used in these instruments. Understand these fundamental concepts, and you will be able to begin building wealth as soon as possible.

Savings And Compounding

Savings improve with age every year as annual returns continue to build upon principal over and over.


This is where it all starts, the simplicity of managing money coming into and money going out of your account. Budgeting is an essential part of building wealth.


Get a handle on what makes the most financial sense when funding your retirement, purchasing a vehicle and much more.

Debt Reduction

Nothing will derail your financially security more than mounting debt. Find out how to eliminate debt from your life, or at least keep it at bay.