A New Life With Dual Viewpoints

Congratulations! You are or soon will be a newly married couple. It’s time to revel in the bliss. It’s also time to start discussing where you two are headed in life and how your finances will be affected.

With finances and all things in a marriage, good communication is the key.

Budgeting & Planning

You’re no longer flying solo, and that means opening up communication with your partner to determine what both of you want out of life.

Money Style

Understand how you and your spouse spend money and you can work out any disagreements before they turn serious.

Rent or Own

What makes more sense for your particular situation? Use this calculator to get a sense of what your finances will look like if you own rather than rent.

Wedding and Honeymoon

It’s all fairy tales and dreams come true until you have to pay for it. Here are some tips for getting on the same page with your soon-to-be spouse.