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January 2016

We want to keep you and your finances safe! Because of recent, large merchant breaches, we have implemented rules to try to prevent fraud. As a result, if you just swipe your debit card without using your PIN, in rare instances your card could be declined. If you use your PIN it will prevent this because using your PIN is an extra security factor that can verify your identity, protect you.

Using your PIN when conducting a debit transaction helps protect your account and maintains conveniences.

December 2015

It's important to be aware of phishing scams this holiday season to avoid security breaches, identity theft or financial loss. The following phishing scam was reported to us by a member. Your safety is our priority, please read below:

I was called by caller ID 93 stating that my debit card had been lost. I knew it had not and selected options that took me to an automated voice saying "enter your 16 digit debit card number.” There was no human option in the automated scam.

October 2015

It has come to our attention that criminals are using the PrimeWay name in an attempt to con innocent people out of their money and sensitive information. To date none of our members have been approached by the fraudsters. PrimeWay is working with authorities to stop the operation. If you have received any communication from someone fraudulently claiming to be from PrimeWay, please contact us at 713-799-6200 and let us know.

The scam involves individuals sending emails or calling on the phone offering an approved loan and then requesting personal information and saying they will send a verification deposit to the account number provided. For them to verify that account, they are asking the victim to wire the funds back via Western Union as proof the account is the correct one.

How can you tell if an offer from PrimeWay is legitimate with all the scam artist in the world? Here are just a few quick tips:

  1. If you get a funny feeling, something doesn’t seem quite right, or you question the authenticity of an email, or phone call - please call 713-799-6200 or 800-554-5690 and ask.
  2. All legitimate emails will come from a PrimeWay email address – we never use a personal email to correspond with our members. So if you question the authenticity of an email, please call 713-799-6200 or 800-554-5690 and ask. Or, you can email or click on the chat button at We are always happy to verify if we have contacted you. Being vigilant about who you discuss your finances with is critical to protecting your identity.
  3. If you are being asked to sign a document electronically – we will always be utilizing a secure process. We don’t send information with personal data that could be used in fraud in an unsecure method.

Criminals are always looking for a way to scam innocent people out of their money. They are more than willing to fraudulently use the name of strong trusted organizations like PrimeWay and many others to trick you into revealing sensitive information in a tactic called phishing. Your vigilance is the best defense.

To help protect your PrimeWay Credit Cards, sign up for real-time Fraud Alerts! Click here to sign up.

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