What We Do

We believe that health and education are the building blocks for a prosperous, happy life. Unfortunately, not everyone has the access to quality education and healthcare they need to prosper in life, which is why we launched the PrimeWay Foundation.

We provide scholarships and grants to organizations - 501(c)(3)s – that provide resources to improve health, and education. We place a priority on those organizations that help provide for children and preparing them for their future.

Here's how we do it:

Please join us in volunteering or donating. Stop feeling dismayed by the many struggling in our communities and instead see the hope and determination in the eyes of those we help as we work together to make our community a better place.


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Houston Food Bank Drive

In November 2019, the PrimeWay Foundation partnered with the Houston Food Bank to help our neighbors fight against hunger, where 1 in 7 households struggle to feed their families. Learn more about the blight of hunger in our area.


Thank You for Your Support!

Thanks to the support of our members, employees and the Houston community, we raised $9,315.98 — that's 27,947 meals for households in need.

Together, we can make a difference!



Good mental and physical health is the cornerstone to a path for a prosperous and happy life. PrimeWay Foundation works with organizations to promote healthy lives.



Without quality education, individuals don't have the tools for success. Our goal is to provide resources and scholarships for schools and organizations to maximize success.



By focusing on ways to help ensure success through health and education, we can build a community where children are poised to prosper.