Lower Your Grocery Bill

5 Tips on How to Lower Your Grocery Bill This Summer

Lower Your Grocery Bill

It's June, which means school is out, or will soon be out, for the summer. In addition to the spike in noise from extra voices in your home during the day, you might also witness a spike in your grocery bill. With your kids around more, it means more snack times, munchies, food for summer adventures and travels, extra meals for your kid's friends who will be visiting, and more.

Instead of letting the summer time budget hurt your pocket book, get creative in finding ways to cut costs and maintain a similar budget compared to what you had throughout the year.

Coupons and sales: It takes a little effort, but watch for coupons and sales in your local papers. You can also surf the Internet for coupons for your children's favorite foods. Some people save lots of money with each visit to the grocery store when clipping coupons and buying a couple extra of something when it's on sale for future use.

Needs vs. wants list and planning ahead: Get clear on what you need to buy on your grocery list to feed the family, and what is considered "extras" or "wants" for your children. Buy the extras in moderation and create some structure as to when your children can have these treats, so not to go overboard or waste. You can also make it a game or fun, so your children can earn treats and snacks throughout the summer. Planning ahead will also give you a grocery list to work from, vs. buying what looks or seems good to buy while at the store, which allows for the opportunity for overbuying and overspending.

Take food with you when you can: When going on trips and outings, pack food and drinks to take with you when you can. This can save you a lot of money compared to buying pricier food and drinks out at restaurants or food trucks/stands.

Choose filtered water: Replacing water with pricey soft drinks and juices is not only a healthy choice for your children, but can also save you a lot of money. Bottled water costs add up, so consider a filtered water system (do a Google search of filtered pitcher options available) with BPA free bottles that you can refill.

Cut your own produce: Buying pre-packaged food generally costs more, so go for fruits and veggies in their natural form, and pull out those knives and cutting boards at home.

For more great tips on how to cut your grocery bill costs, consider reading: "9 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill by up to 50 Percent." Good luck, and have a great summer!