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PrimeWay Will Never Ask For: 

  • Your Password
  • Your Online Banking Code
  • Your PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Your Credit/Debit Card Number
  • Your Credit/Debit Card Expiration Date
  • Your CVV
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Text Code Confirmation Number

We have this information in our records and don't need to ask this of you. This is a way scammers and phishers get your information to gain fraudulent access to your account. 

Contact us directly if you think you are being scammed or phished.

Protect Yourself 

Criminals never quit.  They are always looking for new ways to scam hard-working individuals. That means we always have to be on guard in protecting our financial information.  

Also, monitor your accounts. Regularly check your account statements and alert us of any unauthorized transactions. If you are registered for our Better or Best Checking account, be sure you have registered your debit card for identity and dark web monitoring. To activate the monitoring, log in to your account, click on checking benefits, and you will be walked through how to register.


Your Security Is Top Priority!

The security of your personal data is our top priority, and PrimeWay invests in technology, processes, and physical safeguards that comply with or exceed federal regulations and leading industry practices. In addition, we monitor your account(s) for fraudulent activity and alert you if we notice anything suspicious. Therefore, we must have your correct contact information so we can reach you quickly.  

Protecting Your Confidential Information

Fraudsters are crafty and mimic legitimate organizations to make it seem like the email, or phone call is from a genuine firm. For this reason, it is critical to be cautious when opening any unsolicited email or taking a call.

Identifying Attempts To Defraud 


What You Need To Know

  • Sending money through Zelle is the same as handing someone cash. Once the money has left your account, you cannot get it back, so verify it is the correct person before you send it.
  • PrimeWay will NEVER call, text or email asking for a Zelle verification code.  
  • For added security, update your Zelle profile with both your email and phone number.


What PrimeWay Won't Ask

  • PrimeWay will NEVER call, text, or email asking for your password or PIN on your account or debit card.  
  • PrimeWay will not call you and ask for your user ID or mobile/online password.
  • PrimeWay will not call and ask for your complete social security, account, or debit card numbers. When PrimeWay contacts you, we already have this information.

 What PrimeWay Does Ask

  • PrimeWay will ask you out-of-wallet questions to verify your identity to know we are speaking with you.
  • If you call us, PrimeWay will ask out-of-wallet questions and ask you to verify and update your address, phone and email so that we have current information to contact you if necessary.
  • If there is suspicious activity on your account, PrimeWay will provide the transaction information and ask if this was you. We will not ask for CVV numbers, PINs or passwords during this conversation.  

What Can You Do

Whenever you are suspicious or just worried if a call is from PrimeWay, ask for the individual's name and let them know you want to call them back. A legitimate PrimeWay representative will encourage you to take the extra protective step. Call our main line (713) 799-6200 or (800) 554-5690, and you will be transferred to the appropriate representative. While criminals may be able to spoof the number to make the call appear to be from PrimeWay, they can't divert direct calls to us.


Fraudulent emails (referred to as phishing) mimic legitimate companies and often try to create a sense of urgency to resolve an issue on your account. Clicking a link can access your computer, allowing thieves to capture data and record keystrokes to steal your identity and sensitive information.

Some signs an email might be phishing are:

  • Obvious errors in spelling and grammar.
  • Warnings your account will be temporarily suspended or closed, or that you will be subject to legal proceedings if you don't respond.

What PrimeWay Won't Request

  • PrimeWay will NEVER text or email asking for your password or PIN on your account or debit card.  
  • PrimeWay will not email or text you and ask for your user ID or mobile/online password.
  • PrimeWay will not email, text or call and ask for your complete social security, account, or debit card numbers. When PrimeWay contacts you, we already have this information.

What Can You Do

  • Go direct to your account through your app or standard URL to log in to your account. Don't click on links in an email.
  • While we do send links in emails for your convenience, you can always go directly to and use the search box for a product or offer.
  • Never put confidential information into a form, email or reply email.  
  • Requests for confidential information from you only come if you initiated a loan or service request first. You will always be provided a secure channel option to transmit personal data.
  • Never use the Remember Me feature on a shared or public computer.
  • When unsure, give us a call on our direct line, (713) 799-6200 or (800) 554-5690, and we can help you.


Text or Short Message Service (SMS) is not exempt from fraud attempts (commonly referred to as smishing). Fraudsters often send links to a spoof website or ask you to call a number. Simply clicking the link can lead to issues such as downloading malware.

What PrimeWay Won't Request

  • We won't ask you to renew your banking service – fraudsters often indicate that online banking services have or will expire. You are provided a link to a spoofed site that prompts you to enter your account credentials.

What PrimeWay Does Ask

  • PrimeWay does send text alerts to confirm you made a purchase on your debit or credit card. We provide the amount and the place of purchase. We request you reply to the text indicating if the purchase was you or is fraudulent.
  • If you have indicated text is your preferred contact method, we may reach out to you via text. If you are uncertain this is a legitimate text, you can always reach out to us at (713) 799-6200 or (800) 554-5690, via email at, or through the call or email button in your PrimeWay mobile app.

 What Can You Do

  •  Set alerts on your account to monitor activity. You select what type of notifications you wish to receive and can change them at any time. Login to your account at, click on Additional Services, then select Alerts to set up or change your alert preferences.

What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Fraud

If you suspect your information is compromised:

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