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Send Money & Pay Bills Online
Send Money & Pay Bills Online

It’s easier than ever to get your money moving. With our online banking tools, you can set up automated bill payments, transfer money between accounts, and send money to people you know, all with a few clicks.

Financial Management Tools
Financial Management Tools

Coordinate all of your financial accounts, including credit cards and investments to get a 360° management view. Your finances are in your control.

View Your Account Activity Online
View Your Account Activity Online

Save the environment with eStatements, which allow you to view your account activity online – securely and at any time.

Get Automated Account Alerts
Get Automated Account Alerts

Stay on top of account activity by signing up for alerts of new deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.

Credit Score and Report
View Your Credit Score

With Credit Score by SavvyMoney, you can view and monitor your credit score and credit report online 24/7.

Get Access to Our Online Banking Features
PrimeWay Online Banking Features
Get Access to Our Online Banking Features

Fraud Text Alerts

Debit card protection you can count on.

What happens if you lose your debit card or someone steals your information? Money could disappear from your account without you knowing it – and getting it back might be complicated. But, there’s a better way.

With Fraud Text Alerts on your PrimeWay debit card, we’ll send you a text notification whenever we notice a suspicious transaction. You’ll be prompted to tell us if the transaction is legitimate or fraudulent – and if it’s fraudulent, we’ll tell you what to do. Click here to learn more.

Online Banking FAQs

Is Online Banking with PrimeWay free?

Yes. There is no fee to enroll in Online Banking. There may be fees associated with specific transactions, such as transferring money to another financial institution.

How can online banking help me do a better job of managing my money?

Having 24/7 access to your account information makes it less likely that you’ll overdraw your account or lose sight of your goals.

Can I pay my bills online?

Yes. If the company you’re paying is set up to accept electronic payments, you can set up automatic or one-time bill payments with online banking.

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