5 Quick Tips to Make Your Dream Wedding Affordable

wedding-savingThe average American wedding cost is about $35,000. That is more than half the yearly median income! If you are getting married this year, here are five ways you can cut wedding costs.

Schedule smart
Saturday is the most common date for weddings, since everyone has the day off and most churches aren’t available on Sundays. Consequently, venues are often more expensive on Saturdays. Instead, pick another date that offers those benefits. Your special day can be the day before a holiday, or on the Sunday of a long weekend, like Labor Day. Your guests will still have time to enjoy themselves, and you’ll save as much as 15 percent on the cost of your venue.

Untether yourself
When picking a venue, look for a place (or negotiate with your selected venue) that allows outside vendors to handle food, music and photography. Places that host weddings often may have existing relationships with businesses who can charge more because they’re not competing with anyone else. If you can get this kind of flexibility, shop around for the best prices on catering, music and flowers. You’ll also be able to get exactly what you want from these services, such as a signature cocktail instead of a full bar. It is okay to negotiate for what you want!

Keep the “W” word to yourself
Every vendor has a “special” wedding price. Often, this means they charge more for any wedding-related service. You can save as much as 30 percent by keeping the occasion to yourself. For example, when shopping for a dress, buying a formal gown that’s not labeled as a “wedding dress” can translate to savings. Getting a custom-decorated sheet cake can save a few hundred dollars, too.

Put your guests to work
One of the biggest cost in most wedding-related items is the cost of labor. When you pay for flower arrangements, you’re paying about 10 percent for the flowers and 90 percent for the florist’s time. Instead of hiring professionals, consider putting your guests to work.
Many wedding guests would love to contribute to your special day. They’ll be happy to participate in making your wedding beautiful, and you’ll be happy to save a few bucks!

Spread out the cost with a PrimeWay Club Savings account
A tremendous challenge for newlyweds is coming up with all that money because all the wedding bills can be due at the same time. For many couples this means using consumer debt to finance the whole cost of the wedding. The ensuing interest and financing charges can make your wedding even more expensive.

Instead, consider opening a Club Savings account at PrimeWay Federal Credit Union: Set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking account into an interest-bearing savings account. When the wedding bills come in, you’ll have money set aside to cover the costs and you’ll be able to borrow less.

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