9 Credit Card Security Tips

9 Credit Card Security Tips

9 Credit Card Security TipsUsing credit cards has become a common occurrence in today's world. As long as you keep your debt in check and pay your cards on time without incurring fees, then credit cards can be a smart and convenient resource.When using credit cards, you also want to make sure you're taking every precaution to keep your identity and security intact. Below are nine security tips to consider when using credit cards. 

1. If you have to write your credit card number down for any reason, always do it in a place where no one else will be able to see it. Don't write it out in the open or on the outside of an envelope, for example.

2. Your credit cards are for your use. Don't lend them to others.

3. Only keep the card(s) you know you're going to use with you. Leave the rest at home to avoid theft or losing them.

4. Immediately report lost or stolen cards to your banking institution.

5. Keep a close eye on your credit card statements for any unauthorized activity.

6. If you're signing a credit card receipt, never leave any blank spaces. For example, if you left cash for a tip, then mark through the tip line on the merchant's receipt and write in the total.

7. Only disclose your account number over the phone to reputable companies.

8. If you need to use a pin with your credit card for any reason--like withdrawing cash from an ATM--be sure no one else can see what you're entering on the pin pad.

9. Only enter your credit card info on websites owned by reputable companies and that have the security lock symbol.


Use these tips to keep you and your family safe when utilizing credit cards. You can also check out PrimeWay's website for additional identity theft tips and resources.