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Why Getting a Job Outside Your Field of Study May Be More Rewarding

Getting a Job

I have been hearing more and more frequently about college graduates entering the workforce in other areas than their chosen field of study.

Of course, I am a part of this demographic. Why is this?

In my case, I felt that my degree didn’t match up with my passions, but I do know that some people – if not most people – aren’t as sentimental as I. (I am a water sign who fits all the stereotypes to a T, can’t help it.)

I really began to think about why this is becoming a commonality amongst my peers. Then I realized it really isn’t all that complicated. The reason is Money.

College Degrees Aren’t an Advantage Anymore

Through my personal experiences on the job hunt, I realized that most entry-level position jobs have a rather low starting salary. Yes, I did know before going into my studies that really any degree earned in the Liberal Arts wouldn’t exactly have me making the “big bucks.” But I was not expecting the wages to be lower than my three nights a week bartending job. And quite frankly that doesn’t seem right to me.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but it doesn’t exactly take a scholar to sling drinks.

I know the point of starting any career path is moving up the notches gaining experience; getting those promotions and earning those pay raises. But I honestly don’t understand how a young adult can – or is expected to – go to college, attain a job using their degree, and successfully provide for themselves without some sort of help in the America of today.

Your Money Should Be Working for You

Am I Working to Live or Living to Work?

I have heard from a lot of older, experienced people that being in your twenties is supposedly the “prime of your life” but I am super stressed out and so is just about everyone else I know.

Be it financial stress, stress about the daunting future, stress about student loans or accumulated debt stress. We all have it.

Being in my twenties is seriously the strangest time. I have friends who spend most of their nights intoxicated, not knowing how they got home and then, on the other end of the spectrum, some who are working 9-5 jobs, wearing business attire, and you know, being real life adults.

The funny thing is that the bartenders, who sleep till noon, are the ones living more lavishly in comparison to the ones who have done things by the book. It’s really quite frustrating in all honesty and I could go on and on about it being unfair for days… But here I am going on another tangent about bartender life. 

I have other friends who took jobs in real estate, the oil field, even some working at car dealerships who are making decent amounts of money. Mind you, none of them went to school for these professions.

The reality of today is there is money out there to be earned that doesn’t really require a degree.

About midway through my studies I remember thinking to “just get through it,” “this degree will help you in the end,” “study now so you will have easy living later.” Whatever… I won’t say never, but I probably won’t ever utilize my B.S. in Sociology.

College is beginning to seem like the new “norm” and not so much viewed as an advantage over other candidates for potential jobs, which is making attaining a job more difficult.

I have spoken about this previously, but in California, having a college degree didn’t really mean much in terms of my job search. Most companies wanted years of prior experience in the field.

So really it’s like why am I going to school, spending crazy amounts of money to graduate, only to be forced to get a minimum wage job or an internship to gain some experience in some career field so I can potentially get an entry level job somewhere using my degree.

It’s exhausting! Why has this become acceptable?

Why Getting a Job Outside Your Field of Study May Be More Rewarding

I have been hearing more and more frequently about college graduates entering the workforce in other areas than their chosen field of study.

Take Control of Your Own Independence

Neither one of my parents had to move back home after graduating. They were able to support themselves from their starting salaries and free of student loan debt. With the exception of a few, I hardly know of anyone my age that have graduated without some sort of debt.

Being independent really means a great deal to me. So if you have this in common, rethinking career paths and options and not going to college just because you are “supposed to” really needs to be considered.

I wish I had figured out my passion for animals long ago. While I wouldn’t be making that bartender money, I would have more money than I do now, working a job that doesn’t require any sort of college education.

The economy we are all being thrown into is just a heap of stress and I am constantly reminding myself that it isn’t just me dealing with all this money stress.

What helps me the most is making little goals for myself and constructing a “financial timeline” filled with bigger goals in mind.

I started out by opening a  and telling myself to “get to X amount of dollars before the end of the month.” Seeing that savings account grow each month is honestly the most rewarding thing.

The first big goal I have on my timeline is to get back out of mom and dad’s house and have my own space.

Love them, hate being their roommate.

I try to not get too overwhelmed with the big picture. Life is really one step at a time. I do wish at some point to continue my education and peruse becoming a veterinary technician but that will require more money and more time.

So until then I’ll be here plugging away like the rest of us! Hopefully by this time next month we will all a little bit richer!

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Kelley Reynolds

Kelley is a recent college grad who is still learning what it means to “adult.” Kelley earned her Sociology degree from Texas A&M University in 2017 and currently resides in the Houston, Texas area. As a guest blogger for PrimeWay, she will take you along on her journey of struggles, discovery, growth and learning in the real world.

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