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When Is Hurricane Season in Houston and How Should You Prepare

A yellow sign in front of a stormy backdrop indicating hurricane season in Houston.

Knowledge of hurricane preparedness is necessary if you live in an area prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. Heavy storms, rains, and winds are common in Galveston, Houston and other areas and cities in Texas near the Gulf Coast. As such, home and business owners should prepare to protect themselves and their property before the hurricane season in Houston.

Of course, you need to know when to start preparing because that is the first step in hurricane preparedness. If preparing for a storm is second nature, securing yourself and your property should not take long since you have experience dealing with hurricanes. However, if you are a newcomer in Houston, you need to read on to discover how you can prepare for the hurricane season.

When Is Hurricane Season in Houston?

Tropical storms and hurricanes form at different seasons in different locations around the world. However, the start of the hurricane season in Houston is mid to late summer, extending to the late fall. That implies that you need to prepare for severe storms and hurricanes from June until the end of November if you live in the Houston area.

It is worth mentioning that August is the most active month, according to previous records, because that is when they make landfall in Houston. Here is some information for both Houston newcomers and locals on how to prepare for the hurricane season.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Filling your gas tank before the hurricane season is advisable if you want to be on the safe side. So, if your tank is half-full, you should consider a top-up because you do not know what to expect in the next several days. You also need to have a storm emergency kit at hand, and below are some of the essentials it should contain.

                  • A hand sanitizer
                  • A radio – the hand-cranked option is preferable because it can help you charge other electronic devices
                  • Vision products
                  • A driver's license/ID
                  • Prescription medications
                  • Nonprescription medications like laxatives or antacids, pain relievers and anti-diarrhea medication
                  • Toiletries
                  • Insurance and other important documents – you can store such documents on a flash drive in a resealable, waterproof bag, or you can take snapshots using your phone
                  • Bedding/blanket for each individual
                  • Drinking water – at least one gallon per day per person
                  • Dry shoes and clothes
                  • Canned foods or non-perishables – understand that some canned foods are perishable
                  • Plastic dishware
                  • Foods that will not require refrigeration or cooking
When Is Hurricane Season in Houston and How Should You Prepare

How to prepare for the hurricane season is something everyone in the Houston area needs to know how to do. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Actions to Take During a Hurricane

When the hurricane season in Houston sets in, the first thing you should consider is your safety and that of your loved ones, to help with that, here are the actions you should take at such a time:

                  • You and your family members should take shelter in a storm-safe area. That can be a hallway on the lowest non-flooding floor or a windowless interior room.
                  • Listen for emergency information and storm alerts.
                  • Consider evacuating the area in case there are directives to do so.

Post-Storm Tips

                  • Contact insurance entities for compensation.
                  • Protect yourself from sharp edges and dangerous debris during cleanup by wearing protective clothing.
                  • Take photos of any damage to your property for insurance purposes.
                  • Avoid wading in floodwater because it may contain storm debris.
                  • Right after storms, phone systems are usually busy or down. For that reason, you should contact loved ones via social media or text rather than calls.

New Hurricane Preparedness Recommendations After Harvey

If you live in Houston, you can learn several lessons from Hurricane Harvey that can help you improve your preparations. This will include adding the following to your hurricane prep kits, depending on your individual needs:

                  • Puzzles, books, games, or other children's activities
                  • Pen and pencil
                  • Glass and contact lens solution
                  • Plastic utensils, mess kits, paper towels, and paper cups
                  • Diaper rash cream, infant formula, wipes, bottles, and diapers
                  • Personal hygiene items and feminine supplies
                  • Extra water for your pet and pet food
                  • Matches in a waterproof container
                  • Traveler's checks or cash
                  • A fire extinguisher
                  • Household chlorine bleach to disinfect water
                  • Sturdy shoes and a complete change of clothing that is appropriate for the climate

Emergency Kit for Hurricane Season in Houston

Also, consider doing the following to ensure that your emergency kit is always ready when you need it.

                  • Each year, re-think your needs and update your kit even as the needs of your family change
                  • Ensure you store your canned food in a cool, dry place
                  • Replace any expired items
                  • Use tightly closed metal or plastic containers to store boxed food

Be prepared for hurricane season in Houston by collecting emergency supplies.

If you need to access power first to use medical equipment, you can find local energy firms' contact details in the local directory. You can find more information on preparing your hurricane preparedness kit by researching online before the storm hits. Attending a hurricane preparedness meeting in your local area is also advisable to learn more from the local community. The gathering will shed light on the people you can contact for help. You can also share your concerns and ask questions during the forum, which will help you prepare for the hurricane season accordingly.

Details on hurricane preparedness meetings/safety fairs are also available at

Learn More About Hurricane Season in Houston

If you live in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes, prior preparation is necessary, and you can never be "too prepared" for such a season. Since now you know when the Houston Hurricane season is, it should not find you unprepared. Hurricane preparedness will ensure that you get through the season with peace of mind by keeping you and your family safe.

The bottom line here is that having what you need as well as a plan of action before hurricane season are the two essential aspects of hurricane preparedness. The Houston Office of Emergency Management offers a guide to help you with both. So, if you are a newcomer or local in Houston, you need to familiarize/refresh yourself with the guide in advance to be safe. Remember that how you prepare for such a season can spell the difference between a heart-wrenching hurricane experience and getting through safely.

Also, beyond the resources you may find online, note that locals are the best people to consult when preparing for hurricane season in Houston. The reason is that such individuals can share valuable insights from their previous experiences to help you prepare accordingly.

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