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Overdraft Services

We're Eliminating Overdraft Protection Fees Starting June 1

We are eliminating all overdraft protection fees & lowering Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees to $15. The change goes into effect on June 1. | Join Now & Stay Positive

Opt-in to an Overdraft Option to Cover Your Account

Choose the Overdraft Option to Protect Your Everyday Spending

Overdrafts come at unexpected times when you don’t have enough money in your account to pay for expenses, such as payments or purchases, but we pay it anyway1. Your available balance is what is available for immediate withdrawal or to pay other debit items; it takes into account any pending debits that have been received but have not yet posted to your account.

Pending debits can include preauthorized debit card transactions, pending checks, transfers, withdrawals, or holds on your personal account. We know things don’t go as planned, but with a PrimeWay checking account, you have two options to keep you covered.

Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service

PrimeWay's Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service (OOPS)2 is a courtesy pay available to any member with a checking account that is in good standing. All eligible accounts are automatically enrolled in the Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service for the following transactions:

  • Checks
  • Automatic Bill Payments
  • ACH and Electronic Transactions

OOPS Courtesy Pay Opt-In for Debit and ATM Transactions:

We do not authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions unless you ask us to do so via opt-in:

  • One-time debit card transactions
  • ATM transactions

Federal regulations require you to opt-in if you would like to authorize the Occasional Overdraft Protection Service (OOPS) for one-time debit and ATM transactions.

If you are in good standing with us, we may honor your overdrafts up to $1,000.00 for all accounts. Such amount(s) also include our standard OOPS fee of $30 for each transaction that we pay the overdraft.

Requirements to be in Good Standing:

  • Account has been open for at least 60 days
  • Age 18 or older
  • Account must be at a positive available balance at least once every 30 days
  • No delinquent loans or obligations
  • No past charge-offs that have not been fully recovered
  • No tax levies or garnishments
  • Regular deposits are available to cover transactions

The OOPS program is not available on the following accounts: Business Accounts

Overdraft Protection Plan

PrimeWay also offers an Overdraft Protection Plan3 where an overdraft is paid by drawing money directly from your savings account or line of credit loan4 for a small processing fee.

In the event that you have a spending oversight in your account, this overdraft protection can save you from expensive Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) charges.

PrimeWay Members that enroll are allowed overdraft protection transfers up to six times per month for a $6 fee per transfer.

Overdraft Services FAQs

How do I opt-in to the elective OOPS transaction types?

Federal regulations require you to opt-in if you would like to authorize the Occasional Overdraft Protection Service (OOPS) for one-time debit and ATM transactions. Other types of transactions, including checks, ACH transactions, and recurring debits are not a part of the regulation and are automatically covered using our standard OOPS program for eligible accounts. To opt-in for ATM and one-time debit card transactions, you have the following options:

If you would like to opt-out at any time, simply give us a call at (713) 799-6200 or (800) 554-5690 or visit any of our retail centers.

How do I opt-in to the elective OOPS transaction types?

You can enable the Overdraft Protection Plan when you open your checking and savings accounts online by selecting to Enable Overdraft Protection when you are asked to fund the new accounts. If you want to have the overdraft transactions paid by a line of credit, you will need to do a separate application for the line of credit.

If you open your account in a retail center, your Financial Service Representative will assist you in adding the Overdraft Protection Plan.

If you are already a member, you can call (713) 799-6200 and a representative can assist you.

If I have Overdraft Protection, will this cover overdrafts before OOPS?

If you have established the Overdraft Protection Plan, such as a line of credit or automatic transfer from your other accounts, we will always look to pay any overdraft by those other methods first before paying your overdraft utilizing OOPS. An Overdraft Transfer fee of $6 will be imposed when a transfer is made from another account to cover an overdraft.

You will not have any overdraft protection if the designated account has insufficient funds to cover the transaction or if the loan or credit card account has insufficient credit available.

How will I know when my account is overdrawn?
We provide 24/7, online access to your accounts, as well as monthly statements to let you know your available account balance. You can also set up free Account Alerts to immediately notify you of account activity including overdrafts. Periodically, we may also send you reminder letters advising you of your overdrawn account.
How is my available balance for OOPS calculated?

Checks and other transactions on a checking account with us are paid based on your available balance, and not the actual balance.

Your actual balance is the actual amount of funds in the account (based on credits and debits posted to the account at that time.

Your available balance is generally equal to the actual balance, less the amount of any holds placed on recent deposits, holds placed for other reasons, and holds for pending transactions (such as debit card purchases) that we have authorized but that have not yet posted to the account.

If an item presented for payment against your account exceeds the available balance, we will treat it as an overdraft even if the actual balance exceeds the amount of the item.

Will an overdraft affect my credit rating?
You have up to 30 days to pay any overdrawn amount, including OOPS fees. However, depending on the situation, we can ask for repayment at any time. Any deposits you make will be applied to the overdrawn balance first.
How long do I have to repay the overdrawn amount?
This has no effect on your credit rating if you bring your overdrawn account to a positive balance in a timely manner, which we ask you to do within the required 30 days.

1 PrimeWay pays overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft and there is not enough money in your account to cover the entire amount, your transaction will be declined, and your account may be charged a $30 NSF fee. Please refer to the Truth-in-Savings disclosure for details.

2 Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service (OOPS): OOPS is subject to a 60-day waiting period for new accounts and members must meet OOPS qualifications. On the 61st day, account will be reviewed for qualifications to determine if service will be added. Transactions exceeding your established limit (and other types of transactions) will not be covered. OOPS fee charge of $30 applies each time PrimeWay pays an overdraft. PrimeWay limits the amount it will pay on overdrafts on any account. 

3 Overdraft Protection Plan: A fee of $6.00 is assessed for each automated transfer from a savings or line of credit to cover an overdraft. Refer to Fee Schedule for details.

4 Line of credit loans are subject to a separate application, credit underwriting, and approval.

For more information on Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service opt-in, see OOPS Disclosures & Opt-in.

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