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New PrimeWay Elan Credit Cards

Welcome New PrimeWay Elan Credit Cardholder

Download the Elan Credit Card App

If you don't like to manage your credit card on an app, you can access Elan Credit Card website from your mobile or desktop computer by clicking the button below.

We hope that you're excited about your new PrimeWay Elan Credit Card. As a credit card holder, you also get access to a lot of great features and two new ways to check all of your credit card information, including the Elan credit card mobile app. You can manage your credit card on your smartphone to conveniently handle the following:

  • Check Balances
  • Check Transactions
  • Make Payments
  • Input Travel Notices
  • And More!

Remember that if you have bill payments setup with your old credit card information, you should update them with your new PrimeWay Elan Credit Card number and mailing address.

Remember, your PrimeWay Elan Credit Card bill is due on the due date. You can pay in the app, online, over the phone or through bill pay.

Welcome Back!