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7 Reasons Your Mobile Check Deposit Can Be Rejected

Mobile Check Deposit

Many of us have caught onto the convenience of depositing checks without needing to go into a bank.

It saves us time, saves us a drive, and adds convenience to our growing repertoire of online banking solutions.

But what happens if we run into issues while using mobile apps for depositing our precious money? Do we have to call Support right away, or are there ways we can troubleshoot these issues ourselves quickly and seamlessly?

If you’ve ever run into issues when using mobile check deposit features, we’ve got you covered with some quick tips.

What is Mobile Check Deposit?

If you don’t already know – you’re about to rejoice. No longer do you need to drive to the bank to deposit your checks. These days, most financial institutions have corresponding apps that allow you the ability to deposit your check using your smartphone.

All that’s needed is a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check – and that’s it! Your deposit is credited to your account in a matter of minutes or days, depending on your financial institution’s rules and the amount of the check (as it would if you were to deposit a check with a bank teller).

What Does it Mean When a Deposit is Rejected?

When a deposit is rejected, it refers to a situation where a financial institution or receiving party refuses to accept and credit the deposited funds into the intended account.  This rejection can occur for various reasons, such as insufficient funds in the depositor's account, discrepancies in the provided account details, a hold or freeze on the account, or suspicious activity triggering security measures.  

Mobile Apps Make Money Management Easy

Common Reasons Why Your Mobile Check Deposit is Being Rejected

Mobile check deposit is a feature many of us love – when we can get it to work. Below are a few tips if you experience issues with completing your Mobile Check Deposit:

1. Always Endorse a Check Before Depositing:

Be sure that your signature is endorsed on the back of the check. In addition to your signature, you may want to write your account number on the back of the check, and “For Mobile Deposit Only” under your signature.

2. More Than One Payee on a Check:

If there are two people listed on the check, you will need to include both of their signatures to endorse the check properly. So don’t forget to include both signatures.

3. Images Are Blurry:

Be sure to take a clear picture of both sides of the check. If the images of your check aren’t captured clearly, this could result in a delay of depositing the check. Use may decide to use a dark background to lay your check against so that it captures the lighter color (image) of your paper check.

4. Amounts Don’t Match:

Be sure that you type the correct deposit amount into the app before you take a picture of the check. If these amounts do not match, the check amount cannot be verified, so you will not be able to make the deposit.

5. No Payee Indicated:

If the Paid to the Order of line (your name) is blank on the check, you will not be able to deposit the check. Before attempting to deposit a check, be sure that all crucial areas of information are written down – such as payee, check amount, and payer’s signature.

6. Duplicate Deposit:

If you’ve already deposited a check, you will not be able to deposit it again. If you receive an error message that indicates you have already deposited a check (but you have no recollection of doing so), contact your trusted financial institution’s customer care department.

7. The Check is Torn or Folded:

Checks that have been folded or torn can make it difficult for the application to read the information which will result in a rejected check  

7 Reasons Your Mobile Check Deposit Can Be Rejected

If you’ve ever run into issues when using mobile check deposit features, here are 7 reasons why it may be happening & how to avoid it reoccurring.

Need a Mobile Banking App You Can Count On?

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For making mobile check deposits, PrimeWay’s mobile app offers a Remote Deposit Capture that quickly captures your check details for a swift, accurate remote check deposit. While it’s a good idea to be mindful of the tips listed above when making a mobile check deposit, our app includes an easy to use interface, with an accurate mobile deposit capture feature.

Our mobile app is available on iOS or Android and is free to download and try at any time.

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