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How Does Round Up Savings Work?

Anytime you use your debit card to make a purchase, your transaction will round up to the next dollar and deposit the difference in your savings account
. With Positive Change, the free round up savings feature, you put more money in your savings without the additional effort! This feature is ideal for building your funds for anything unexpected that may come your way.

$5.55 $6.00 $0.45
$9.67 $10.00 $0.33
$21.00 $22.00 $1.00


Hassle-Free Savings
Hassle-Free Savings

With Positive Change, the change from your purchases goes directly into your savings, making it easy to build up your rainy-day fund.

Easy On/Off Control

You can control your automatic savings with a simple enable/disable setting within online banking or your mobile app.

You Spend, You Save
You Spend, You Save

When you use your debit card for purchases online or at an in-person store, you build your savings. It works when using your mobile wallet, too.

Build Your Savings without a Second Thought
Build Your Savings without a Second Thought
Build Your Savings without a Second Thought

Positive Change - Round Up Savings FAQs

Is Positive Change a free service?

Yes, Positive Change is a free round up savings tool offered by PrimeWay.

Do I need a checking account to use Positive Change?

Yes, you need a checking account with a debit card and a savings account to deposit your rounded-up savings.

Do I have to be enrolled in Online or Mobile Banking with PrimeWay to use Positive Change?
Yes, you must be enrolled in Online Banking to use Positive Change to be able to turn on or off the round up savings feature. You also must determine which savings account the rounded up deposit goes into. To sign up for online and mobile access, register here.
How do I turn on or off Positive Change?

To turn on or off your automatic savings, log in to online banking or the PrimeWay mobile app and toggle the button to either yes or no.

What if I accidentally overdraw my account?

If your account balance is negative, or if rounding up the purchase would take your balance below $0.00, the round-up action will not occur for that transaction.  

Am I able to round up my savings when I use an ATM?

No, only transactional debit card purchases will be rounded up and deposited into your savings account.   

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