The Roots of Exceptional Member Service

PrimeWay Federal Credit Union has enjoyed a long history as a reliable and trustworthy credit union in the Houston area. We are member-owned, and our strength lies in the people who combine their savings so that they can borrow from each other at lower rates. But beyond the financial advantages of the credit union experience, there is a social aspect, as well.

The PrimeWay Federal Credit Union family includes a Board of Directors composed of members like you, elected by the membership to serve in this volunteer role.

Changing Identity

It’s been this way since April 1937, when we organized as the Houston Telephone Federal Credit Union to serve the employees of Southwestern Bell in the Houston area. A prolific period of expansion in the 1980s and 1990s occurred when mergers expanded our select employer group and connected us to more and more families. Our identity was changing rapidly.

At the time, we were known as Communicators, and we first merged with the Food Industry and Binco credit unions in 1986 before Unitex Federal Credit Union was absorbed into our family in 1988. This merger resulted in a large percentage of members coming from the medical center. A year later, Galveston News Employees Credit Union merged with us followed in 1990 by Ridgway’s Federal Credit Union. Then in 1994, we welcomed The Methodist Hospital (TMH) Credit Union to our family, where we still serve members today.

PrimeWay Is Born

By early 2003, it was time for a name change to reflect our growth in membership numbers and diversification, and we officially became known as PrimeWay Federal Credit Union in April of that year. A few months later, we merged with Washington County Community Development Federal Credit Union. At the start of 2004, The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) granted a community charter to PrimeWay Federal Credit Union. This designation allows us to serve select employer groups along with everyone who lives, works, worships or attends schools in the city of Houston.  Most recently, we merged with Texas One Community Credit Union in June 2010.  Now, with more than 50,000 members the new PrimeWay Federal Credit Union serves over 150 employers and Houston, Fort Bend, Washington and most of Harris County.

We are proud of our rich history helpings families throughout the greater Houston area, and we are eager for you to help define our future.

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