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Mobile Check Deposit: Is it Safe?

Mobile Check Deposit

The future is happening now!

Online banking and mobile banking have advanced technology so much in recent years that it is actually possible to establish and maintain a checking and savings account without ever stepping foot in a bank.

With mobile check deposit, you can deposit your check from home, work, school or practically anywhere. Sounds too good to be true we know, but the features of PrimeWay Federal Credit Union’s mobile banking services are too great to pass up.

Deposit Checks from Anywhere

PrimeWay Mobile Banking Features Allow Members To:

  1. Make mobile check deposits
  2. Transfer funds between accounts
  3. Pay bills online
  4. Check account balances
  5. Find a retail center or ATM

Being able to deposit your check anywhere, anytime as long as you have a smartphone, your PrimeWay Mobile Banking App and a working internet connection is definitely futuristic and available to all of our members!

How Do Mobile Deposits Work on the PrimeWay App?

Watch our instructional video to see how easy it is to deposit your check on our mobile app.

Mobile Check Deposit: Is it Safe?

The future is happening now! Online banking and mobile banking have advanced technology so much in recent years.

Is it Mobile Check Deposit Safe?

As the video states, the pictures you submit via the PrimeWay Mobile Banking App helps us to determine if the check should be deposited and processed. Be sure these pictures are always submitted via a secure network.

Your smartphone will use special encrypted data to send the pictures to us, this means that if a hacker did come across the pictures, he or she would not be able to decode the data.

Secure Networks are Safest

The best precaution you can take is not to do your mobile check deposit on a non-secured, public Wi-Fi network. If you do, this leaves possibility for harmful malware to be uploaded to you phone that could get your PrimeWay Mobile Banking App login info.

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