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What Are the Benefits of Debit Card Controls?

  • Control where, when, and how your cards are used
  • Turn cards on and off instantly from your mobile device
  • Limit spending amounts to reach budget goals
  • Restrict types of purchases made

Debit Card Controls FAQs

Can I turn “off” and “on” for any reason?

Yes, you can turn your cards off if you've temporarily misplaced your card but are confident you know where you left it. You can even turn it on before making a transaction and then back off again.

How do I get alerts when transactions are processed?

Be sure to visit alert options, then transactions and then enter the the dollar amount you are interested in; for example, $1 sends you alerts for every transaction equal to or over $1.

Are notifications via push, or do you have to be logged in?

Notifications are push notifications in the app. You do not need to be logged in.

What if I have my card turned off and a recurring utility bill wants to charge my card? Will that transaction be denied?

When the card is off, most card transactions are denied by the service and alerts are generated for attempted transactions. However, auto-pay transactions and credits (deposits, returns and reversals) are exempt from this card control.

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