Account Agreement and Disclosures

The rates, fees, and terms applicable to all PrimeWay Federal Credit Union accounts and services.



The Human Resource

Responsible for bringing more recruits in to join the freedom fighters team. They seek out those that love to help others and strive to make their community a better place. Are you up for the task? If so, the Human resource and Radical Recruiters will find out.

The Lunkinator

Raised on a farm, he understood firsthand what a sense of community meant. Neighbors helped neighbors succeed, creating a strong and prosperous environment that others would want to emulate.


The Human Resource


The Lunkinator


The Fraud Patrol

Together, these two Financial freedom fighters protect the credit union from those looking to do us harm or lead our members astray. They calculate risk and ensure that our assets remain safe, secure, and strong. They keep the headquarters safe, so the rest of the Financial Freedom Fighters can do their job.

The Luminery

Entrusted with the privilege of watching over PrimeWay’s membership, she will stop at nothing to make sure every member has the tools to achieve financial success.

Fraud Patrol The Luminary

The Business Brain Trust

These brilliant vixens help local businesses thrive in our community. They understand the needs of the business and the community, so they develop plans and strategies to strengthen both. They have an arsenal of weapons that include an encyclopedic knowledge of small business and dozens of well tested solutions.

The Loan Ranger

Getting members much needed loans is the focus of this pair. They have decades of experience that help them give you the right loan for your life, and they do it at a moment’s notice.

The Business Brain Trust The Loan Ranger

The Credit Crusader

This Freedom Fighter helps our members avoid paying inflated interest rates, she makes sure you understand the power of good credit and protects you from fraud! The Credit Crusader diligently fights for you and rewards you for good credit behavior.

The Developer

Gifted in the art of teamwork, he shows businesses that a partnership with PrimeWay creates a stronger, healthier workforce.

 The Credit Crusader The Developer

The Magician

Takes the mystery out of finances. 

Mortgage Man

Armed with options galore, he helps everyone have a home of their own. Whether you are a first time home buyer, a seasoned home owner, of you are just thinking about home ownership…He can help!

The MagicianMortgage Man