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Easy to Create
Easy to Create

Setting up Account Alerts is easy – you can do it in minutes simply by logging into your PrimeWay account and choosing the “Additional Services” option from the menu.

Flexible Alerts to Suit Your Needs
Flexible Alerts to Suit Your Needs

With alerts for payments, balances, withdrawals and deposits, you can choose the alerts that serve your financial goals.

Financial Peace of Mind
Financial Peace of Mind

Account Alerts can give you the financial peace of mind you need because you’ll always know what’s going on with your accounts.

No Fees or Charges
No Fees or Charges

PrimeWay charges no fees for Account Alerts. They’re free to all members.

Sign up for Account Alerts in 3 Steps

Step 1
Step 1

Log into Online Banking and click Mobile Banking & Alerts located under Additional Services to access Alerts management.

Step 2
Step 2

Enter your phone number to receive a activation code.

Step 3
Step 3

Enter the activation code and select your primary account.

Account Alert FAQs

How many types of Account Alerts are there?

You can choose from 5 Account Alerts and 4 Reminder Alerts. The Account Alerts include Balance Update, Low Balance, High Balance, Large Withdrawal, and Large Deposit. The Reminder Alerts include Loan Payment Due, Loan Payment Overdue, Maturity Date for CDs, or you can create a personalized reminder.

What about automated security alerts?

We send alerts to all members if we detect suspicious activity on their accounts, and we all use text alerts to keep you notified of changes in your address, email, phone number, PIN, and other personal information. We’ll also notify you if a dormant account is reactivated. These alerts are automatic – you do not need to enroll to receive them.

Can I receive account information via text?

Yes, you can text codes to 454545 to receive account information. Here are the codes you’ll need:

  • STOP = Deactivate service
  • HELP = Help on keywords
  • BAL = Primary account balance
  • BAL CHK = Checking account balance
  • BAL SAV = Savings account balance
  • BAL ALL = All account balances
  • LAST = Last five transactions

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For text alerts, standard messaging charges apply through your mobile carrier and message frequency depends on account settings.

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