Our Members Come First at PrimeWay

Since 1937, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union has been a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing superior financial services to members in the Houston area. We offer more personalized services than you'll traditionally find at more conventional financial institutions. Our hallmarks are low interest rate loans, higher dividends on deposits and excellent member services.

  • Your membership comes with ownership, and YOU have an impact on how PrimeWay is run.
  • You receive the dividends, not a separate set of stockholders who may not even transact with PrimeWay.
  • You reap the rewards of lower interest rate loans and higher dividends on deposit accounts.

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Our Mission

A place where people Love to work and Love to do business.

Our Values

Values are the standards which govern our individual behavior each day.

PrimeWay’s values are C.A.R.I.N.G.:

Compassion – Thoughtful understanding
Accountability – Take ownership
Real Value – Provide personalized value
Integrity – Always do what is right
New Ideas – Innovate, create solutions
Guidance – Identify options and educate

Our Vision

Enabling Dreams

Why join PrimeWay Federal Credit Union?

The best service, high tech banking, 55,000 ATMs nationwide, and the

most support for your personal objectives.

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