Secure Banking with PrimeWay

Today’s online environment requires top-notch security measures to fend off cyber hacking and fraudulent acts. PrimeWay employs state-of-the-art technology to defend your accounts so you don’t have to worry. Account security is a top priority.

bank-account-monitoringAccount Monitoring

We monitor your account for fraudulent activity and immediately notify you so you can confirm a suspicious transaction. To safeguard you from purchases due to fraud, there are some cases when your account can be placed on hold. Rest assured that if you have unauthorized transactions, you won’t be held accountable.

fraud-text-alertsFraud Text Alerts

PrimeWay monitors your debit card for fraudulent activity and provides Fraud Text Alerts as an added security feature. You’ll receive a text message if we suspect an unusual transaction. If you have your mobile phone included on your account settings, you’re automatically enrolled.

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network-securityNetwork Security

PrimeWay’s network protects your account. When you use our online banking and our mobile banking apps you can rest easy knowing both are protected with multilayer firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. We create a secure environment for all of your information.

two-factor-authenticationTwo-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a verification process that requests more than one piece of information to help secure access to your account. When logging in to online banking on a new device or browser, we'll confirm your identity by sending you a one-time verification code either by email or text.

emv-chip-cardEMV Chip Card Security

EMV chip cards use smart-chip technology and provide added security making it virtually impossible for anyone to make a counterfeit copy of your card.