Auto Loans and Car Financing at PrimeWay

Whether you're looking for a new or used vehicle, PrimeWay makes the process easy so you get the financing you need for your dream car or truck.

You'll get pre-approved for your loan amount, which gives you a much better car or truck shopping experience—putting you in control knowing what you can spend and you'll be able to better negotiate your purchase price.

You can rest assured that we'll be here with your financing ready so your purchase is a smooth, stress-free process. At PrimeWay, we are here to enable your dream vehicle and get you the best car loan rate.

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Competitive Car & Truck Finance Rates with Flexible Terms

PrimeWay has a variety of financing options with flexible terms so you can get the monthly payments you want. We'll help you compare auto loan rates and terms for both new or used vehicles. Looking to refinance your existing auto or truck? We've got you covered.

Did you know auto financing can be used to purchase other vehicles, including motorcycles, RVs, boats and ATVs? PrimeWay can help you with these types of vehicle loans as well. You can apply for any type of vehicle.

As always, we want to be sure you always receive a competitive rate, and our representatives will work with you so you have the best auto, truck or other vehicle loan.

PrimeWay Member Auto Center

PrimeWay also offers Member Auto Center, a single source of automobile information and inventory listings for hundreds of cars, trucks and SUVs available in Texas. Search new and used cars that meet your specifications. Member Auto Center is a great resource to help with the car buying process! With PrimeWay’s Member Auto Center, you can:

  • Search new and used cars that meet your specifications
  • Use Financial Calculators to help plan for the auto loan that is right for you
  • Get Advice on buying that new car that you have your eye on.
  • Locate PrimeWay’s Preferred Dealers
  • Apply online and get pre-approved
  • Get superior service and quick customized help
  • We can assist you in person, online or over the phone to apply

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Auto & Car Financing FAQ

Concerned About Bad Credit?

We understand that not everyone has perfect credit. But that doesn't mean you don't need or want to buy a car using an auto loan.

While your auto loan will have some adjustments based on your credit, usually in the form of a higher interest rate, you could still be eligible for the loan you want.

Your credit score is used to gauge how likely you are to make your payments on time. If your score is lower, it means there could be a bit more risk lending money, so the higher rate seeks to cover the risk of non-payment.

1. Submit Your Loan Application

To get the loan process started, first submit an online loan application. You can also apply by calling (713) 799-6200.

2. Get Preapproved for Your Vehicle

We will process your application and notify you when your preapproval is completed, usually within 24 hours.

3. Negotiate the Best Deal with the Dealership or Seller

Be sure to bring your loan preapproval to the dealer, as this will give you maximum leverage and help you negotiate the best deal. Save even more time and money when you use the PrimeWay Member Auto Center.

4. Complete Your Loan Documents

Once you've finalized your deal, send us the purchase agreement and we can finalize your loan documents.

5. Finalize Your Financing

We’ll send the funds to you or the dealer.

Being preapproved helps you because dealers know you are a serious buyer. They’ll be ready to make a good deal to get your business, and you can be confident knowing that you have a low-rate financing option with PrimeWay.

*All rates are listed as Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Certain credit criteria and restrictions apply. Rates are based on a combination of your earned credit score, the term you select, collateral, down payments, loan-to-value position and other normal lending criteria. Rates are subject to change without notice. Cash rewards are paid to your savings account within 30 days after first payment is made. Interest begins to accrue on the date of loan consummation. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer. For more information, please contact a PrimeWay representative at 713.799.6200.

☨ We provide rate and payment calculators as resources to help you evaluate lending products. Loan details are estimates, based on the information you provided and the rate you input, and PrimeWay does not guarantee the results or your ability to receive these terms. Your credit history and related score are used by lenders to evaluate your loan and credit requests. Lenders use this information to see if you have missed payments, carry high balances, or are in other ways over-extending yourself financially. PrimeWay uses other factors including all of your other application information in evaluating your application. Rates appearing in calculator results are determined based on the loan-to-value ratio of 100%. Use our Member Auto Center to shop cars and find a dealer in our network.

☥ Refinancing is subject to credit approval by PrimeWay Federal Credit Union. Rates will be determined at the time you apply based on application information. Additional terms and conditions apply such as vehicle age and mileage. If you decide to refinance with PrimeWay Federal Credit Union, you may be able to lower your monthly loan payment or reduce your APR. However, if you choose a loan term that is longer than the term left on your existing auto loan, you will pay interest over a longer period of time, and the overall cost of your loan may be higher. Consult your financial advisor to see if refinancing your auto loan is right for you.