Online Bill Pay Eliminates Stress & Maximizes Benefits

bill-payWhat happened to the checkbook? You’re frantically searching because that bill must be in the mail today. Will your bill even arrive in time to avoid a late payment penalty?

Relax. PrimeWay members can manage and pay bills in one place with online banking1 and in the PrimeWay Mobile Banking App.

Cut Out the Clutter of Paying Bills

Pay without the hassle of writing checks or having to login to multiple sites to pay—you can pay bills in minutes and on your schedule.

Choose Exactly When You Want to Pay 

You can automatically send your payment at any time of the day or night. Or schedule payments ahead of time or on an auto-pay schedule so you're always sure to get the payment there on time every month2 .

Protect Your Credit Score

When you’re late paying a bill it can have serious consequences. It doesn’t matter that you simply overlooked the bill’s due date or lost track because life got in the way. Avoid the stress, late fees and protect your credit score from potential damage.

Pay Your Bills the Smart Way

Online bill pay relieves your worry, but it’s more than just convenient. It’s smart money management.

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Not Registered For Online Banking? Enroll in online banking by following the steps to enter your account information and you'll have instant access.

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Simply Enroll in Bill Pay—Add a Biller and Schedule Your Payment

1. Enroll in bill pay using your PrimeWay checking account
Log in to online banking and select "Bill Pay" in the menu to enroll. Not enrolled in online banking? Create your account.

2. Add a biller
Choose to add a new biller and follow the prompts.

3. Schedule a payment
After you set up your billers, schedule your payment and you’re good to go.

Prefer banking from your smartphone or tablet? You can also pay bills just as easily on the app.
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1 Online Bill Pay: Must enroll in Online Banking and activate Online Bill Pay. Certain restrictions and other limitations may apply.

2 Payments are guaranteed as long as accounts are sufficiently funded, all payment information is entered correctly and the payment is scheduled to arrive by its due date.